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Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great option if you’re looking to enjoy a more rustic dining experience. These fantastic outdoor structures can add a lot of life to your garden, making for great talking points when entertaining, as well as having functional value.

At Outdoor Kitchens, we’re an innovative brand within the world of outside cookware. We have over 25 years’ worth of experience in developing outdoor living areas so we’re certainly not newcomers to the scene.

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Alongside our sister company Open Space Concepts, we create a selection of amazing outdoor structures that are suitable for any season. Our experience here has given us the know-how we need to manufacture and install a range of stunning outdoor products. Combining both projects together, we’ve built a stellar reputation for bringing the ultimate dining experience to homes across the UK.

Our experience and the range of outdoor kitchen ideas we have make us the perfect team for developing your outdoor living space, whatever vibe you’re interested in cultivating.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you create a bespoke outdoor kitchen, get in touch today and we’ll run you through the process! 

Outdoor Kitchens: Explained

The chances are you haven’t stumbled upon this page by accident, so you probably have some idea of what an outdoor kitchen is already. However, other than the obvious – being outside – you may have a few questions about what else makes these structures different from a typical indoor kitchen.

There’s no need to worry though, as we’re here to give you all the information needed to make an informed decision about your outdoor space.

What Is an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is, as the name suggests, an area outside your home that can be used for cooking and entertaining. There are many different outdoor kitchen designs available – not to mention many creative touches that you can add to customise your garden space to make your dining area really stand out.

Our outdoor kitchens are designed to withstand the British climate all year round, so you don’t need to worry about your appliances and surfaces being affected by the elements.

Our bespoke designs are created with luxury in mind, sure to wow any guests you’re hosting. They redefine the outdoor cooking experience in a truly stunning way, with specialty appliances such as gas barbecues and pizza ovens also available.

As well as specialty appliances, our designs cover:

  • Lighting
  • Counters
  • Sinks
  • Tables and chairs
  • Bars and bar stools
  • Storage
  • Accessories and other freestanding appliances

As you can see, there’s a lot more to one of our structures than just a couple of gadgets, giving you a fantastic space for relaxing.

For the full experience, a metal or wood pergola (from our sister company Open Space Concepts) could be installed to create an optimal entertaining space that’s suitable for any season!

Interested? Get in touch today and we’ll talk you through the process! 

Working with Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Manufacturers

Our outdoor structures allow you a great deal of freedom, so you’re not limited in terms of design

We work primarily with three fantastic manufacturers that have been handpicked due to their impressive skills and capabilities – Belmento, Novara and Freiluftküche. However, we aim to bring more creators into the fold over time to give you the best quality outdoor kitchen imaginable.

Belmento, Novara and Freiluftküche have equally stellar reputations – largely for their beautiful kitchen designs that have lasting value. Each company have a wide range of sleek and stylish products to choose from to make your space truly unique, including some spectacular modular options.

Who Are Freiluftküche?

Freiluftküche is a pioneering outdoor kitchen design company specialising in modular and customisable solutions. With extensive experience in outdoor living innovations, Freiluftküche combines form and function to deliver exceptional cooking experiences.

Freiluftküche’s designs emphasise flexibility and personalisation. Offering a wide range of modules, they enable you to create a kitchen tailored to your needs, whether it’s a simple sink and grill or an elaborate setup with a flame grill, refrigerator, and lighting.

Their products, made from premium-grade metals and innovative finishes, ensure durability and resilience against all weather conditions. Freiluftküche’s extensive product line includes grills, barbecues, and complete kitchenette modules, allowing you to create a personalized outdoor cooking area that complements your lifestyle.

Freiluftküche transforms your outdoor space into a functional and stylish extension of your home, providing an unparalleled cooking experience year-round

Who are Novara?

Novara is a European manufacturer, with a focus on furniture. Starting out as simple cabinet makers, the Barcelona-based company has continued to expand their craft since 1983.

Novara draws on their vast furniture knowledge to specialise on kitchen design. They’re also extremely focused on research and technology, which effectively informs all the products they make.

Novara’s outdoor kitchen designs are highly practical and functional, with weather resistance being at the forefront of their game. Their products also look fantastic, with a minimalist style that’s distinctly modern.

One of the things that Novara truly champion is the use of their Q-XTREM® technology, which is included with every piece of furniture they create. Simply put, Q-XTREM® is a coating that allows items to withstand any weather forecast. It was designed specifically for coastal regions and is often used on boats and luxury yachts. Now with an increasing domestic application, Q-XTREM® can be used in just about every climate, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your outdoor kitchen units are secure.

Discover Our Amazing Cooking Appliances

At Outdoor Kitchens, we offer a range of unique cooking appliances to really make your space stand out. All our cooking systems feature an innovative and sophisticated design, crafted to suit the rest of your outdoor kitchen area. Our minimalist style means sharp edges and stunning geometrical patterns that will really catch the eye.

Check Out Our High-Tech Gas Barbecues

Barbecues have always been popular, whether you have an outdoor kitchen or not. Gone could be the days of using disposal barbecues and simply hoping for the best – our gas barbecues are not only permanent fixtures, but as delightful to grill on as the feasts they create.

They can be purchased as standalone utensils or used as a part of a larger kitchen system – whichever suits you best.

It used to be that you could only cook certain types of food on a barbecue, but that’s all changed with our models. Slow cooking – and even baking (in some cases) – is possible now with our gas barbecues. This is because the heat source from the appliance doesn’t directly contact your food, reducing the chance of burning. What’s more, thanks to their lidded design, our gas barbecues create an insulated wet environment that adds a sublime tenderness to the food.

Want to customise the set-up? No problem. You can choose your own configuration. For example, you can add extra grills, allowing several different dishes to be cooked at once without the risk of cross-contamination.

Our Built-In Barbecue Models

If you’d like something a little more traditional, our built-in barbecues might be more to your speed.

These appliances will really give you the best of both worlds. They include a lot of the same features as standalone gas barbecues, whilst also fitting into an existing countertop to create a seamless look. Safety is also a top priority. As these products are certified with a UL safety mark, this means that they can be used for internal, external or professional usage.

Just like standalone gas barbecues, these built-in versions contain the following features:

  • Indirect cooking functionality – The heat source is never in direct contact with your food
  • Use of the FIRE CORE technique – This gives you full control over the cooking method, temperature and technique
  • Patented cooking technology – Combustion fumes are removed from the cooking chamber, thanks to this tech, creating healthier food when cooking
  • Simplicity of use – Anyone can reasonably be expected to use our selection of built-in barbecues with little trouble

These built-in barbecues are perfect for somebody wanting more of a conventional kitchen look, including all the top features you would expect from one of our standalone devices.

Be Captivated by Our Garden Grill Fireplaces

Fògher is an Italian company, so it wouldn’t be right to feature their products without talking about fireplace grilling – a traditional Italian way of cooking.

Italian-style grill is a long-established form of cookery. It usually involves a plethora of meats and vegetables cooked on a skewer known as a ‘spiedini’. These grill fireplaces are perfect for alfresco dining, designed to combine the traditional ways of cooking for immense flavour.

Charcoal or briquettes can be used, although wood embers are recommended in order to enhance the flavour of the food.

They may look complicated at first, but these outdoor kitchen appliances have been created with the user in mind. They’re light and easy to move and can be used as part of a modular kitchen system. They also include several different functions as part of the overall package.

These fireplace grills contain an efficient hood, equipped with a ventilated air chamber to remove the heat that the appliance produces.

Try Something Different with Our Charcoal Smokers

If you’re really wanting to push the boat out, a charcoal smoker could be the perfect addition to make any outdoor kitchen complete. Fògher’s devices have water and reverse flow options available, as well as using the FIRE CORE system.

Every charcoal smoker comes with a double thermometer. This tool checks the internal temperature of the food, so you don’t need to worry about any unexpected heating issues. This makes our charcoal smokers perfect for professional alfresco cooking settings, as well as home use.

Our charcoal smokers also feature a fully insulated design that effectively lowers fuel consumption, reducing the temperature exchange from inside and out. This makes them more sustainable, costing you less to run..

Choose the Perfect Layout for Your Outdoor Kitchen

One of the main questions you’ll probably have about your outdoor kitchen is how it will look. Our designs usually come in the form of free-standing outdoor kitchens, with a modular form being the typical layout.

For those unacquainted, a modular kitchen is assembled by adding several different solo pieces together, which can be moved and replaced at your leisure. The best thing about this is that you can change your kitchen setup whenever you like, designing it to your own specifications to suit changing needs.

Once you’ve chosen the accessories and modules you’d like to include, you can create an exclusive entertaining space to show off your style. Made up of stunning clean lines with a minimalist feel, our modular units will add a renewed sense of style to your garden area.

Before installing your equipped kitchen, we’ll arrange a consultation to talk about your vision. This way we can be sure that the installation will match your aesthetic and functionality requirements – if we foresee any limitations, we can also talk you through alternative kitchen units that may be better suited.

Benefits of Installing a Free-Standing Outdoor Kitchen Layout

  • A minimalist design focused on the essentials – All our kitchens are designed with aesthetics in mind. Not only are they highly weather-resistant, but the sleek lines will look good decades into the future. Gas barbecues, gas woks and teppanyaki grills are available, as well as traditional kitchen countertops.
  • Functionality and practicality – Of course, there would be no point in adding an outdoor kitchen to your garden space if it wasn’t usable. The good news is that all our designs come with functionality and practicality in spades, allowing you to easily cook meals on a regular basis. They’re extremely easy to use, with a full set of instructions provided.
  • Outdoor kitchen ideas tailored to the individual – When deciding to add new implements to your outdoor space, you’ll want to ensure it fits the area correctly. We treat every single kitchen we design as a separate entity, making sure it’s suited to your own space. If you need different widths creating to guarantee that your accessories and products will fit correctly, we’ve got you covered. You can also choose from hundreds of different colours and finishes, making for a unique space that will really allow your creativity to run wild.
  • Add as little or as much as you want – At Outdoor Kitchens, we recognise that everyone is different – individuality is something that should be celebrated, instead of shunned. Customisation is a core part of our service. Whether you only want a couple of appliances or you need a full outdoor kitchen setting creating, we’ll be happy to help.
We’re also a sister company to Open Space Concepts – a modern company specialising in creating outdoor buildings that can add true value to any home. As well as designing an outdoor kitchen, you could also consider adding one of our outdoor living structures to your garden space, creating an eclectic dining area for entertaining. Why not combine one of our Louvre Pods with a modular kitchen to make a space that is suitable for relaxing all year round?

Straight Kitchens

One of the most popular layouts for kitchens is known as the straight run, also sometimes referred to as ‘single wall kitchens’. This layout suits smaller spaces or narrow areas.

One of the main advantages of choosing a straight run style kitchen is that they require less space. This design is more discreet so if you’ve got a smaller garden or don’t want your kitchen to overextend, it could be a great option for you.

As with all our products, this style of kitchen can be designed around the current aesthetics of your patio or garden space, with enough room for the rest of your appliances.

Straight run kitchens create a cooking area that is compact whilst still being highly useful, giving you the best of both worlds – particularly if you’re limited for space. This also frees up more room for other garden equipment whilst housing all the kitchen essentials you could ever need.

L-Shaped Kitchens

If you’re looking for more of an open space in your outdoor kitchen, you should look no further than an L-shaped design.

L-shaped layouts give you all the benefits of a traditionally straight kitchen area, whilst also including a cornered return at one end. With this setup, you can include all the storage and counter mod cons you might expect in a conventional kitchen whilst not compromising the cool, contemporary look of the space thanks to the open-plan design.

The corner shape at the end doesn’t have to be used for traditional kitchen tools and appliances either. Instead, you could add a bar and a set of bar stools on the other side, making for a great place to hold a garden party. Your guests can sit and talk to you with a drink whilst you prepare the meal, making the process go by in a breeze.

This layout adds an extra layer of practicality to your outdoor kitchen, with the open area giving you extra space to move around your garden. As well as adding a bar at one end, you could include a table area in this space, suitable for dining once your meal has been prepared.

As with all our designs, the choice of layout is entirely your own – you could even choose to implement elements of several different setups to create something truly unique.

Design Your Own Ideal Kitchen Layout

With us, no two kitchens are the same. We give customers full control over what they want to include in their kitchens – be it functional, such as the appliances required, or simply aesthetics, like the colour finish. You can read about some of the more popular outdoor kitchen layouts below to inform you of how your kitchen could look. However, it’s important to remember that it’s ultimately your space – at the end of the day, you have the final choice over the setup of your kitchen.

Parallel Kitchens

Another useful kitchen layout for areas where space is a premium is the parallel run kitchen. As the name suggests, this design features a selection of counters that face parallel to each other and can be customised with however many parallel counters or appliances you wish.

A parallel run means you can easily go back and forth between the different parts of your kitchen. It’s a good idea to place modular parts that will be used together in a parallel formation to increase ease of use. The setup of this style of kitchen also ensures that you’ll have plenty of storage space, as well as extra room for other appliances and accessories.

A parallel run kitchen is incredibly efficient and allows you to navigate each counter and appliance easily, saving you lots of time in the long run.

U-Shaped Kitchens

If you have a little more space available to you, a U-shaped kitchen might be of more use. They’re another popular form of kitchen layout, vastly improving the storage potential of the space. You can streamline your cooking area, making preparation as easy as can be.

U-shaped kitchens tend to be more versatile than the other layouts mentioned here, as they give you more room for storage and multiple workstations. Because of this, several people can work in the kitchen area at once, either preparing their own meals or helping to cook one meal together. This should save you time in the long run.

Because the counters are fairly close together (some will be parallel to each other), you’ll still get the benefits of a parallel run style kitchen but with added space. You’ll get an increased counter and preparation surface area, making your time in the kitchen easier. Meals will be a doddle to prepare as you can create multiple dishes at the same time.

Why Should You Consider Fitting a Kitchen in Your Outdoor Space?

An outdoor kitchen might seem like a nice idea, but you may be wondering why you should choose to have one installed when you could just use your traditional kitchen. Whilst this is certainly true, there are many benefits that one of our kitchens can bring to your life, making them worthwhile choices for any garden. We’ve listed some of the more prominent advantages that one of these fabulous systems can add below.

A Back-Up Area If Your Traditional Kitchen Breaks Down

Things break. A reality most homeowners know all too well. Of the whole house, though, nothing feels more inconvenient than when it’s the kitchen causing a fuss. Replacing an oven or any of the other appliances typically found in a kitchen can be costly and may also take some time to fix or replace if needed.

If you decide to have one of our outdoor kitchens fitted, there’s no need to worry if the appliances in your indoor space fail. Having a backup in these situations is always a plus, meaning you’ll never go hungry, no matter what happens.

If your oven breaks down, you can use your outdoor barbecue or gas wok to make a meal for your family. If your fridge stops working, you can transfer your food to your outdoor fridge, ensuring your food won’t defrost and become wasted.

Our designs are also created to be weather-resistant and are made from the finest materials, so there is little chance of them breaking down. The quality of our kitchen appliances is so good that you might even find that you’ll start using your outdoor kitchen more often!

You’ll also get a warranty on anything we install, with a five-year guarantee given on worktops and furniture. By building an outdoor kitchen, you can have peace of mind that you’ll always have a way of making food for your family.

Classy Design

One of the main things to consider when deciding to make changes to your home or garden space is the design. You want to make sure that any renovations you make fit the style of your home and any other existing structures you have, whilst also looking good on their own.

With our outdoor kitchens, we go to the furthest lengths to ensure that the modular designs we create are perfectly suited to your outdoor space. We want our kitchens to stand the test of time and be used over the decades, suiting your home for years to come.

The manufacturers we use are a point of pride for us – Novara and Fògher are two remarkable, European-based manufacturers with exceptional reputations. Whilst our kitchen appliances and counters have the full degree of functionality, they’re also charming to behold, designed to fit any style or taste.

You also get a lot of choice over your kitchen, as you’re able to add in different modular elements, accessories and appliances to create something suitably unique. You can even choose the colour and finish, making your outside space really stand out! During the design, we’ll take into account your own thoughts and ideas, using them to craft an outdoor kitchen that you’ll be sure to love.

Whilst you do get a choice over the style of your kitchen, our manufacturers specialise in creating designs with minimalist lines. Should you be aiming for a modern aesthetic, it’s a perfect match. Check out their catalogue of previous projects for extra inspiration!.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for your space, get in touch today!

A Great Way to Entertain

Another benefit of fitting one of our outdoor kitchens is that they’re fantastic places to host gatherings.

Whether you’re planning a garden party or want to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, there really is something for everyone! You can cook outside and wow your guests, providing an added element of entertainment to your events. You could even consider hiring a trained chef or a bartender to create drinks.

Of course, if you’re looking to cook outside, then dining alfresco is part of the fun. You may already have an outdoor table and chair set, or you might decide that a new set to match the style of your kitchen is a better move. To weather-proof your outdoor dining area, we can also quote you for a bespoke outdoor structure.

No matter the occasion, our outdoor kitchens are certain to add something special to your home!

What Do You Need to Consider before Fitting an Outdoor Kitchen?

Like any home renovation, it helps to be prepared. So that you get the most out of your outdoor kitchen installation, we ask that you first carefully consider the below factors.

If you decide you need any more advice before getting started, fill in our contact form and we’ll be happy to help!

Your Budget

One of the first things you need to do before taking the plunge is to decide upon your budget. It’s important to ensure you have the money set aside to pay for your kitchen, as well as the other elements you might require to get everything set up. 

At Outdoor Kitchens, all installation and delivery costs will be included as part of the overall package. This means you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or surprises. 

Costs you’ll need to consider include:

  • The cost of the kitchen unit, including the appliances and counters
  • Any additional features you’d like to include, like a bar
  • Items for a dining area, such as a table and chairs (optional)
    The cost of the finishes and materials
  • The price of the utilities – As your kitchen will use water, electric and gas, it’s important not to forget the running costs involved

Location & Space

When designing a new outdoor kitchen, space matters. Space and location are key to ensuring you’ll have enough room to fit everything whilst not compromising the rest of the garden.

The layout of your kitchen should be considered – those with a smaller garden may want to go for a more compact layout, such as a parallel kitchen. If you have more space available, you’ll of course have greater choice over the style of kitchen you go for.

Whilst our kitchens are made from highly resistant materials, you’ll want to ensure you account for changing weather conditions – particularly if you live in a less temperate area.

To discuss the cover and shelter options you can include with your kitchen, contact us today! 

Alternatively, our sister company, Open Space Concepts, can help you design a suitable space if you’d like a full sized room creating.

Storage Options

As well as the traditional appliances, accessories and counters that you might expect to include in an outdoor kitchen, you’ll also want to make room for storage.

You’ll need a place to safely store the items and tools you’ll want to use, as well as your cooking utensils, cutlery and plates. We can add extra storage compartments to your modular kitchen so that you can keep your utensils safe and sound, also keeping them away from bad weather.

Food safety is another consideration – outdoor or bar fridges are helpful here and provide a backup or overflow option to your main kitchen. A sink and set of bins would also be handy as you don’t want to have to keep trekking back to the house with plates and food waste.

If you’re unsure about what storage accessories you’ll need for your kitchen design, get in touch and we can advise you accordingly

Get Started with Building Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen Now

If you think you’re ready to start building the perfect outdoor kitchen, we’re here to help!

We have over 25 years’ experience, which has given us a great deal of knowledge in the sector, making us perfectly suited to designing the kitchen of your dreams. 

We only work with the very best European manufacturers, working painstakingly to craft contemporary and modern designs. We’re confident that you’ll love our ideas, as there really is something for every home and budget, no matter what space you have!

There’s no time like the present. Get in touch today and we’ll run you through the Outdoor Kitchens process!