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Outdoor Grills & BBQ's

Outdoor Grills & BBQ's

Welcome to our Grill and BBQ haven, where the sizzle of succulent meats and the aroma of charred perfection beckon outdoor enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike.
Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our exquisite range of grills and BBQs, meticulously curated for those who revel in the art of open-air gastronomy. Our collection boasts an array of high-quality grills designed to turn every garden sanctuary into a gourmet haven. From sleek gas grills that offer precision control to traditional charcoal BBQs for that authentic smoky flavour, our selection caters to diverse tastes and preferences.
Embrace the joy of al fresco dining and unlock the full potential of your outdoor kitchen. With durability and style at the forefront. Experience the importance of outdoor cooking and relish the benefits of bringing friends and family together under the open sky.

Grill Master's Choice

When it comes to selecting your premium grill for your outdoor kitchen, we proudly showcase two distinguished brands that have set the benchmark for excellence: the iconic Big Green Egg and the innovative Flammkraft Grills. Big Green Egg, renowned for its timeless egg-shaped design, offers unparalleled versatility for a culinary fantasy. On the other hand, Flammkraft Grills exemplifies modern design and cutting-edge features, providing a fresh perspective on outdoor culinary experiences. As you embark on your journey to select the perfect grill, explore the distinctive offerings of these two exceptional brands, each bringing its unique flair to elevate your outdoor cooking adventures.

Mini Max
Block C
Block D

Your Perfect Grill

From the sleek and modern Flammkraft to the exotic vision of Big Green Egg, take a delve into the depths of culinary excellence in your outdoor kitchen. 

Flammkraft Grills
Big Green Egg

Why Our Gas & Ceramic Grills Are Perfect For Outdoor Cooking

Gas Grills

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, the gas grill is the undeniable crown jewel. It is the epicenter of all culinary activities, and as such, it needs to match the quality of its outdoor counterparts. This is where Flammkraft steps in, offering a smorgasbord of premium gas grills that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Whether it’s the Block C or larger Block D, Flammkraft have got you covered. Enjoy the sleek modern appearence of this excellent piece of kit. 

Ceramic Grills
If you’re looking for a grilling experience that’s steeped in tradition, then a ceramic grill is just the ticket. Hailing from the distant shores of Japan and India, this grill’s unique ceramic wall structure is designed to retain heat like nobody’s business. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your grilling needs, with the ability to seamlessly transition from direct to indirect grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, and even pizza-making!

Big Green Egg LARGE


Big Green Egg X-LARGE


Flammkraft Block D

Gas Grill

Flammkraft Block C

Gas Grill

Uncompromised Design Meets Performance

Materials sourced with great care and the meticulous design ensures that our kitchens provide more than just functionality, but a truly delightful cooking experience.

Grill FAQs

When you place an order for the Big Green Egg or a Block from Flammkraft, there’s no need to fret about installation. Our skilled installation team will take care of integrating your new grill seamlessly into your fresh outdoor kitchen before the packing process begins. Your grill will be set up and ready for action before our departure, allowing you to dive into your cooking endeavours immediately. While our team ensures a smooth installation, they might even be tempted to stay a bit longer to savour the first culinary masterpiece with you!

The Big Green Egg and Flammkraft Grills both offer high-quality grills with unique features. Here are some general distinctions between the two:

Design and Construction:

Big Green Egg: Known for its iconic egg-shaped design, the Big Green Egg uses a ceramic construction that provides excellent heat retention and distribution. The brand is recognised for its classic, versatile design that accommodates various cooking styles.

Flammkraft: Flammkraft grills from Outdoor Kitchen are built-in barbecues. They incorporate modern and innovative design elements and are constructed using the highest quality stainless steel for a durable and modern finish.

Product Range:

Big Green Egg: Offers a range of sizes, from MiniMax to XL, catering to different cooking needs and space requirements.

Flammkraft: Built-in barbecues include Block C and Block D. Depending on the extent of cooking Block D offers an increased cooking surface. 


Big Green Egg: Renowned for its versatility, capable of grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and more. Accessories like the ConvEGGtor and Stainless Steel Grid enhance its adaptability.

Flammkraft: Depending on the model, Flammkraft grills also offer versatility in cooking styles, with features that may include grilling, roasting and even a rotating spit.

Ultimately, the choice between the Big Green Egg and Flammkraft Grills depends on individual preferences, cooking needs, and the specific features that align with your outdoor culinary aspirations.